Micro technology


solar wind Micro power energy

Why we need wind Micropower and solar wind power solar wind Micropower Cheaper and more efficient renewable energy sources are being actively investigated. Wind energy Solar energy offers alternative energy sources that can slowly replace current sources such as coal, oil and natural gas. Wind energy by converting wind energy into an energy source that…
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importance of power and micro power technology

The importance of power importance of power Dr. Royal Raymond Rife used a single tube frequency device to grow cancer viruses many times faster than normal. The low-frequency energy energy from single-tube devices such as Rife, used in his laboratory, stimulates metabolism by increasing circulation and stimulating microscopic mechanisms in organisms targeted at the frequency…
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switch You use these devices in your appliances

The history and development of the Micro Switch MICRO switch You use these devices in your appliances or while working in the office. They are very small and may not be visible to you when using a printer, changing floors in elevators, baking food in ovens and other things. Let’s find out more. Here we…
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hydraulic electric generator

Small micro hydraulic electric generator hydraulic electric generator Hydropower relies on running water to turn the turbine and produce electricity. Therefore A small hydropower generator is often called a micro power generator. So A micro hydropower plant usually produces electricity below 100 kW. however The recent interest in small hydropower plants as part of the…
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converters of solar energy cells with micro

Micro solar cell converters converters of Solar energy converters are innovators in solar energy technology. These devices greatly simplify the installation and monitoring of solar panels connected to the grid, and also improve the efficiency of the entire array. so Almost all solar systems use a large, central inverter box to transfer from direct current…
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computer power supply with solar system

How to choose a computer power supply computer power supply What does “ATX” mean? ATX stands for Advanced Technology extended. In short, it defines a set of standards in metrics and shapes that help make things like computer power supplies interchangeable.  is writing this article about choosing the right power supply for your computer to…
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improves skin care results with Revolutionary

Revolutionary technology improves skin care results improves skin care results with Revolutionary Technology provides amazing tools in various industries and skin care is no exception. Innovative devices used in clinic offices are now available for home use. Science has allowed consumers to test their own skin care health and be proactive when it comes to…
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Conversion Solar energy is the conversion

Conversion of solar energy Conversion Solar energy is the conversion of sunlight into electricity either directly using photovoltaic systems (PCs), which usually focus energy from the sun into boiling water, which is then use to supply energy. There are also other technologies, such as Sterling engine chain links, that use a Sterling bicycle engine to…
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Battery technology for implants overcomes

Battery technology for implants overcomes technological Obstacles Battery technology for implants overcomes technological As portrayed by fiction writers, bionic humans can be something for a distant future. But battery-powered implants, sometimes called smart implants or smart implants, have found an important place in today’s market. And as we get closer to creating a bionic human,…
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energy with installing solar at home

3 good reasons to install solar energy at home energy at home Getting solar energy in your home offers many different benefits. Yes, the environmental benefits are one of the benefits, but what about the others? In this article you will soon discover 3 great reasons to have solar energy at home! There are many…
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